Altenfell is the birthplace of Humans and largest province in the Empire.

Notable Places in Altenfell

Altencross – A sizable town populated by Humans, Teiflngs, and mostly Dragonborn. The Emperor controls the city, as it is an outpost for Empire forces, and feeds Altencross Keep.

Altencross Keep – The keep north of Altencross.

Anvil Mountains – The mountain range to the north of Altenfell and to the south of Anvil, serving as a border between those territories of the Empire.

Blackstone – The second larges city in Altenfell. Effectively the Teifling capitol. Populated by mostly Teiflings, most races can be found there, as with most large capitol cities. As the name suggests, it is carved out of the black stone of the Terrorcrown Mountains. The cult of Corellion holds much sway here, though there are temples to Erathis and Avandra, as well. The Teifling Duke Emnon Noble rules the city, as well as serving as the Teifling’s interim Counselor.

Brightmor – A fair sized town on the coast. The Human noble Peiter Frass is currently Duke. The inhabitants of Brightmore have shunned the gods for the most part, concerning themselves with the worldly, and so no cult holds much sway here. Populated by mostly Humans, a few Halflings and Elves.

The Cloaked Wood – A wooded area so names because the canopy is so thick the sun cannot penetrate.

[[“The Impassable”]] – The site of the epic final battle between the forces of Tharidzun and the forces of the Empire. The blood fell so thick that it tainted the land and those that attempt to cross the site are sapped of strength within hours.

Dirtshire – A small farming village outside of Griffonheart.

The Great Plains – The expansive plains in the south of Altenfell.

Greydowns – The hilly region in the northwest of Greymist and southwest of Altenfell.

The Grey River – The river that runs along the southern border of Altenfell, serving as the border between it and Greymist.

Griffonheart – Capitol city of the Empire of Talonrule. Grand buildings of white stone. The cult of Bahamut holds much sway here, as he is the god that bestowed the Griffonheart bloodline the right to rule the Empire. A great number of all races live and do business here.

Hearthfall – A small village mostly populated by Humans and Halflings on the outskirts of the Wolfenmire Forest. Under the rule of Duke Mikal Wolfenmire, Duke of Wolfenmire.

Inn of the Five Feathers – Inn owned and operated by human Ipson Grace and his family.

Inn of the Parted Ways – Inn owned and operated by human Clyde Hipswitch. Named for the fork in the road that it is located on.

Lake Wolfenmire – Fairly large lake to the south of Wolfenmire. A monster resides in the lake, and occasionally takes a victim.

Mire Logging Camp – Two small logging camps to the northwest and southwest of Hearthfall. Run by the Mire Logging Company, which holds no relation to the Wolfenmire bloodline.

[[“The Murk”]] – The name given to a particularly harsh swamp near Griffonheart. Some believe it is home to an elder black dragon, but these rumors have never been substantiated. On most days, the fog is so thick it’s nearly impossible to see in front of you.

Port – A small port town south of Griffonheart. Dominated by Dwarves, who use it as an offloading point.

Southenport – A port city on the southernmost peninsula of Altenfell. Duchess Gwenn Colming rules here, but the cult of Avandra, who has a temple here, holds much sway as well. Humans and Halflings populate most of the city.

Tenpenny House – An Inn that has been abandonded and has sense been taken over by bandits.

Terrorcrown Mountains – Mountain range in the West of Altenfell. Serves as a border between Altenfell, Anvil, and Grenfen.

The Twin Rivers – Two rivers that descend from the Anvil Mountains to the north. They merge into one river before flowing into the Sea of Seas.

Wolfenmire – Large village in the center of Altenfell. Ruled by Duke Mikal Wolfenmire. The Wolfenmire family is one of the most powerful in the Empire.

Wolfenmire Forest – A forest surrounding Lake Wolfenmire.

Wolfenmire River – A river that runs from the Terrorcrown Mountains, through Lake Wolfenmire, to the Sea of Seas.

Woodfall – A small town in the Cloaked Wood. Halflings and Elves mostly comprise its populace. No nobility exists here, as the Duchess of Southenport also rules here. A temple of Melora exists here and holds much sway.


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