The Other Races of the World

Eladrin – Not uncommon. Eladrin come from the Fey to do business in The World.

Gnomes – Similar to Eladrin, they come from the Fey to do business in The World.

Gith – Both Githzerai and Githyanki make appearances from the Elemental Chaos into the World.

Goliaths – Tribal race that lives in the mountains of throughout Erran. Rarely seen among the civilized people of The World.

Half-Elves – There’s a lot of these in the Empire.

Half-Orcs – Yep, these, too, though about as rare in the Empire as Orcs.

Minotaurs – Pockets of Minotaur civilization remain hidden throughout The World, and one is occasionally seen.

OrcsOrcs are not a surprise to be seen in the Empire, as they often do business with the people of the Empire. They reside on the continent of Roeslan.

Satyrs – Tribal people located on Roeslan, subjugated and enslaved by the Orcs.

Shifters – A beast-like race on the small continent of Rak. Occasionally, their bloodlust will cause them to launch an attack on the Empire, which has always failed.

The Other Races of the World

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