Empire of Talonrule

The Empire dominates the northern three-fifths of the continent of Erran.

A Brief History of the Empire

In the beginning there was chaos. The Primordials launched an attack on the Gods, seeking to usurp their power. Out of the battle, the natural world and its echoes were formed.

The World was wrought with strife in its infancy. The races threw stones and hit with sticks, and in this divided world the god Tharizdun saw and opportunity to dominate the mortals. Building his strength, he slowly corrupted the minds of the other evil gods, bending them to his will, and commanding them to do his bidding.

The minions and cultists of not just Tharizdun, but all evil Gods, were soon terrorizing The World. Undead and devils and angels and abberant and abhorrent creatures of all kinds were wreaking havok.

The races of Erran, casting aside their differences, banded together to stand and fight. Battles raged for years. The World, sitting on the brink, was saved when the benevolent Gods lent their strength to the mortals, and in a final battle on the plains of Altenfell, Tharizdun was deafeated.

Bahamut and Pelor chained Tharizdun and cast him to the bottom of The Sea of Seas. His name has fallen into disuse, and in modern times he is mostly referred to as The Great Enemy. Those loyal to him refer to him as The Chained One, and await his “inevitable” return.

The other evil Gods, their egos bruised, retreated.

Bahamut urged the Empire of Talonrule formed, and bestowed the Griffonheart bloodline power to rule.

Common Races of the Empire

Dragonborn – Their historical birthplace long forgotten, the few Dragonborn that are left have gone into service fighting for the Empire. Those that haven’t have gone into mercenary work. They do hold a Counsel seat, which they hold in Griffonheart, the capitol of the Empire. Their Counselor is currently a male named Thrin Hevsh. They rule no land.

Dwarves – They hold their Counsel seat in Anvil, where their race was birthed, in their capitol city of Hammer. Their Counselor: a male named Grimm Bjornn. The Dwarves control most of the stone, metal, and gem sales in the Empire.

Elves – Fairly introverted, most of the Elves in the Empire will be found in Grenfen. Their Counsel seat is taken in Noriendal, their capitol city, by a male called Narren Erriadol.

Halflings – The take their Counsel seat in Greymist, where their Counselor, the female Lynd Onling, sits in their capital city of Andehill.

Humans – Their male Counselor named Jonnathan Mor holds his seat in Griffonheart. Emperor Alekzander Griffonheart is also human.

Teiflings – Their race came into being in the early days of The World, even before the war with The Great Enemy. They still hold close ties with Humans, and consider Altenfell their home. They take their Counsel seat in Blackstone, their capitol city, which is located in Altenfell. Duke Emnon Noble currently holds the position of interim Counselor of the Teiflings, while a suitable replacement is found.

Shadar-Kai – Very rarely are Shadar-Kai seen, after they were banished from The Empire and retreated into the Shadowfell.

Other Races found in the Empire

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Important People

Duke Emnon Noble – Teifling. Duke of Blackstone and interim Counselor of the Teiflings.

Emperor Alekzander Griffonheart – Human. Emperor of the Empire of Talonrule. Last in the Griffonheart bloodline, the noble bloodline commanded by Bahamut to rule the Empire.

Grimm Bjornn – Dwarf. Couselor of the Dwarves.

King Stron Hammerfist – Male Dwarf. King of the Dwarves, and so head of the dwarven army and the Thick Skinned Mining Guild.

Jonnathan Mor – Human. Couselor of the Humans.

Lynd Onling – Halfling. Counselor of the Halflings.

Narren Swiftfoot – Elf. Counselor and head of House Swiftfoot. The Elven society doesn’t have “Kings,” but rather an aristocratic nobility. The head of each of the houses has a voting share in Elven business. A counselor is elected to serve on the Empire Counsel.

Thrin Hevsh – Dragonborn. Counselor of the Dragonborn.

Empire of Talonrule

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